Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall Solstice Destuffing, Part III

This event really wasn't exciting enough to take up three posts, but since we're still feeling the good effects (and since I still haven't done a couple of things I needed to do to finish getting rid of stuff), it seems appropriate that I'm still talking about it.

After we spread everything that needed to move out on the floor of the apartment, we very wisely decided to leave it all there and go do something else. Aquiring more stuff, to be precise. For some reason, destuffing also tends to result in us buying things. You wouldn't immediately think that would follow, would you? We were very good, though. We pretty much just bought things that were directly related to organizing. Carrie bought a box to organize her jewelry in so it wasn't spread out all over her dresser. I bought a basket to keep bottles of vinegar and sauces standing up in our pantry. I bought wine, of course, because that's required for any organizational effort.

Most importantly, Carrie bought a five shelf plastic unit from Home Depot. It was sort of providential, as we didn't even know there was a Home Depot in the area we were going to. We were initially heading to Target, but we had to choose a Target that was near a Petsmart, since I needed to go and spend a lot of money on my cats. (Sigh... but I digress.) They really didn't have what we wanted, and we'd noticed a Home Depot as we were driving to the place. Now, if we'd come the usual way to the Target, we wouldn't have gone as far West as the Home Depot. But since we were coming from the Salvation Army dropoff point, we were coming the other way. The shelf is our reward, I think.

Or rather, that beautiful, organized storage cupboard you see above is our reward. We spent the rest of the night with the door open and the light on, just checking it out every so often. (This practice resulted in us accidentally locking a cat in for a few hours once we did eventually close the door.) And it still looks like that, so go, us!

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bellcat said...

I love the description of the open door, light on, letting you bask in the glow of everything having its own place!