Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to the grind

It feels very strange to be back at work today. It's very quiet around here - the boss is away, and the two senior people in my area (the boss's wife and a senior researcher) are on holiday. I don't have anything in particular I have to do today, beyond taking my cell cultures back from the woman who babysat them from me. Of course, there are 80,000,000 things I probably could/should be doing, but I didn't even manage to do the one data analysis task I planned to do today. (It was late in the afternoon. There were computer problems. Too Hard.)

Tomorrow I'm set to make a poster to take to the department retreat. It's a nice, discrete task, and it'll get me to do a couple of the aforementioned 80,000,000 things along the way, so that should be good.

I think I accomplished more today just by going through the motions with a reasonably good attitude than I would have by immediately starting new experiments. In fact, I'm heading home soon because I'm losing the positive attitude a bit. Nothing I could accomplish in the next hour or two would make it worth waking up tomorrow hating work.

So today, I got up at a reasonable time, I went for a walk with my roommate, I made it to two appointments, and I reaquainted myself with the lab. That's pretty good for one day.

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