Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend writing wrapup #3

This week, I made it exactly half way to my goal. That's not so bad, right? A half marathon is still a pretty major accomplishment. Of course, my goals are more modest, but I'm still feeling ok about this.

I wrote for 45 minutes twice this week. Both times I intentionally got up 45 minutes before I would otherwise have. On Wednesday, that meant getting up at 5:45, so I felt pretty heroic. It's definitely the best way for me to get anything done. On the weekend, I meant to write for 2 hours on Saturday evening, but I only managed one, and that's if I'm feeling generous. (But I am. I just had a chocolate chip cookie.)

I'm closing in on chapter 2. I thought I might finish it this weekend, but I at least got the hard part drafted. Now it's the easy part (easy-ish, anyway.) And then the fixing, of course, but even if I finish Ch. 2 tomorrow, I'm going to leave the fixing for this coming weekend.

So the glass: officially half full.

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