Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekend writing wrapup

I didn't do so well this week. The goal was 45 minutes on 4 weekdays and 2 hours on the weekend. I probably manged 1/2 an hour each week day, although it was a little fragmented. No writing this weekend at all. (Two false starts, total elapsed time = 3 minutes, if that.)

It was certainly not the idea week for writing. We had our department retreat Monday and Tuesday. Then I spent Tuesday night at Josh's, so I was commuting in on Wednesday. Thursday I went in to work early, and then had to trek downtown for 9:00 am. Friday I actually managed pretty well.

Lessons learned: I need to set aside 45 minutes *first thing* in the morning. I spent the week telling myself I was going to work later in the day, and even when I did, I just don't have the same concentration. Stunning revelation: I'm a morning person. (Everyone knows this except me, I think.) So I need to be much more stubborn about keeping that early time free. The difference between Monday and Tuesday, when I tried to work later in the day, and Thursday and Friday, when I got up early, was striking.

So if you're someone I'm neglecting in order to get to bed early and get up early, you hereby have my sincere apologies.

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