Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Slightly before the crack of dawn

Man, it's been a long day. It's 11:50pm local time, and I expect to leave work around 2:15am, and to return at 7:45 in the morning. (I get to take a nap after 10:30am though.) I'm posting this partly to elicit sympathy and admiration, and partly so that you will understand why sleep was important to me this morning.

I decided that I needed to get up at 5:45am. (I'm currently regretting that decision, although in the long run it was the right one. It has, however, left me incapable of remembering how many ts there are in "regreting." Or regretting. Something like that. Where was I?)

Ah, yes. I was waking up half a bloody hour earlier than necessary thanks to an adorable kitten who decided to turn on the light in my closet, and then plunge off the shelf she stood on to do it, bringing a stack of CDs to the ground with her. Grrr. You see, I have a separate light switch for my closet, and it is right at cat height above a corner bookcase full of stuff. Apparently it entices cats. This is far, FAR from the first time cute kitty has turned the light on. Generally she's just playing with the switch, but when I wake up, she saunters over with an air of "well, since you're up anyway... maybe you could just scratch my ears, hmmm?". GRRR.

Why, you may ask, don't I tape the switch in the "off" position? Because I have a large, adorable cat who likes to eat tape. No rest will be had if you're in the same room with Cassie and any tape or plastic product, especially packing tape. Apparently many clear plastics are made with fish oil. Certainly Cassie has heard that rumour.

Well then, why don't I keep the closet doors closed and eliminate the problem that way? Well, I might. But I have a third, medium sized fluffy cat who responds poorly to movement of her litterbox, or to lack of privacy. And we have enough litterbox trouble with her, thankyouverymuch. I'd rather lose sleep (I think).

So, to sum up: between the three cats, they have me right where they want me. In bed but awake, so I can pat them.


Caroline said...

I have nothing to do with adorable kitties turning on lights in the wee hours... no, no wait: I have EVERYTHING to do with that. Sorry!!! My cat is annoying as all hell, and the only thing that saves her is her beautiful soft white fur, limpid blue eyes, adorable genetic disability, and throaty purr. And of course I'm just snotty enough to refuse entry to my bedroom for all cats at all times. I'm a terrible cat owner and roommate!!! Wait, positive affirmations, POSITIVE. I am a wonderful roommate. I could improve in the following ways: blahdie blah blah. Great. I feel better. Anyway, maybe once I get my closet straightened out and all my little bits and bobs properly stored, the cats will be allowed to come in. That will probably happen approximately 10 years after Pam moves out, but........

Pamela said...

That's ok. Since she sleeps with me, she likes me better, so there. Hah!